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How To Setup Google Search Console

What Is Google Search Console?

A free service offered by Google that allows you to monitor, maintain and troubleshoot your site’s presence in Google Search results.

As stated on Google, search console offers the following tools + reports:

  • Confirm that Google can find and crawl your site

  • Fix indexing problems and request re-indexing of new or updated content

  • View Google Search traffic data for your site: how often your site appears in Google Search, which search queries show your site, how often searchers click through for those queries, and more

  • Receive alerts when Google encounters indexing, spam, or other issues on your site

  • Show you which sites link to your website

  • Troubleshoot issues for AMP, mobile usability, and other Search features


How To Set Up Google Search Console


  1. Go to -

  2. Log in or sign up

  3. Click the “Add a Property” button at the top of the page

  4. Enter URL of your website

  5. Verify your website is owned by you


FYI - if your site supports both http:// and https://, add both as separate sites. Also, you must add each domain (for example, and



Verifying Your Website


GSC gives you access to confidential information about a site or app’s performance and therefore you need to verify that the site is yours. One verified owner per GSC property is required to do this.


5 Ways To Verify Your Website:


  • HTML file upload

  • Sign in to your domain registrar (e.g. godaddy) and verify your site directly from GSC or add a DNS, TXT or CNAME record

  • HTML tag - Add a meta tag to the head section of a specific page’s HTML code

  • Use Google analytics tracking code - copy the GA tracking code

  • Google Tag Manager - copy the GTM container snippet code associated with your site


The Two GSC Roles


Owner - has total control of the GSC properties and can add or remove roles for example

User - can see all the data and make some decisions but can’t add new users



Benefits of Google Search Console


  1. Notifies you straight away about site errors, broken pages and issues concerning indexing (submit a sitemap and robot txt. to get your site indexed)

  2. Notifies you if you’re site has been hacked or penalised

  3. If you’re making major changes to your site then you can easily submit just the page you are changing rather than the whole lot

  4. Gives you an insight into how the world perceives your customers. For example, finding out how people search for your brand on the internet using phrases and keywords



How To Use Google Search Console


  • Submit a sitemap - click “sitemaps”, enter URL and click submit

  • Learn the keywords people are using to find you - click “performance” and then “queries”

  • Identify your most popular pages - click “performance” and then “pages”

  • See where your visitors are coming from - click “performance” and then “countries”

  • Learn which devices people use - click “performance” then “devices”

  • Find out your mobile usability - click “overview” and then scroll down to “enhancements”

  • Check your backlinks - click “links”




The data you can derive from Google Search Console is something that many businesses / people would pay for just to get a hold of.


You get all this information for absolutely FREE and you should, therefore, be making the most of it!

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