£ 1

Saved in Wasted PPC Spend.

1 %

Increase in Website Conversion Rate.

1 %

Reduction in the Cost Per Conversion

The Challenge

Signature Works is a luxury co-working space in the centre of Liverpool which is part of the Signature Living Group. The ethos of Signature Works is to be more than just an office space provider and aside from offering an extensive suite of products and services to Members working at their locations, they have created a framework to boost growth among innovative startups and freelancers that is exclusive to their brand.

A difficulty which Signature Works faced was that despite their being a campaign set up by a different agency which was generating a healthy amount of traffic on popular search terms, visitors were not converting in to leads which meant that a significant amount of money was being spent without any ROI being generated. 

Therefore, with being a relatively new co-working space, Signature Works’ challenge was to build brand awareness in Liverpool and generate a regular stream of online enquiries.


Signature Works was keen to work with an agency that could deliver a fresh approach whilst ensuring the campaign complemented their other digital avenues.

The Good Marketer was appointed due to our extensive knowledge of conversion rate optimisation and our ability to closely track campaigns to determine when and where there are opportunities for further optimisation.

The key to the success of this activity was a fresh pair of eyes. With an extensive planning process undertaken, we realised the existing campaign was asking ‘too much’ of the visitors before they were given the information they were looking for. Taking this information in to account, we redesigned the landing pages to make them more user friendly and less ‘salesy’.

By focusing on areas where we could add the most value and digital experience, we were able to create a strong relationship which has allowed us to support the business with their other digital avenues such as Email Marketing, Content Marketing and Paid Social Media activity. 

The Results

Since working with Signature Works, we have:

  • Boosted Conversion Rates by 108%
  • Increased the Number of Conversions by 1250%
  • Over £2,000 saved in Wasted Spend
  • Reduced the Cost Per Conversion by 87%
  • Worked closely with the key stakeholders in the redevelopment of the marketing campaign
  • Used the latest software to re-design the landing pages and remove the barriers which were previously causing the issue
  • Supported the creation of digital assets to ensure the material was compelling and thought provoking which stuck a chord with the right people
  • Set up and managed an Email Marketing campaign to nurture the newly acquired leads to ensure maximum ROI
  • Supported in the development and management of the core PPC campaigns


“I’m a cynical soul when it comes to hiring agencies and, rightly or wrongly believe that if you get 60% of what is promised you’re doing OK. However, I’ve been happily proved wrong in the case of The Good Marketer. They have had an immediate and tremendous impact on all the projects which they have been tasked with. Not only that but their professionalism is of the highest standard, delivery is on time, and the results are simply first class. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Good Marketer. Hang on, yes I would, I want him on my business, not yours!”

Kent Laws, Signature Works