Reduced the Cost Per Conversion By 90.2%

Generated An Average Cost Per Conversion of £6.83

Achieved A Return On Investment of 1543%


Name: Claim For Disrepair
Location: Swansea, UK


Claim for Disrepair are one of the leading Housing Disrepair specialists in the UK. The team provides legal support to people who are living in below standard conditions and ensures they receive the compensation they deserve. Despite an overwhelming demand for their services in general, Claim For Disrepair were struggling to generate leads at an affordable cost.

During our initial analysis, we identified further challenges which we believe were contributing to a high lead cost from poor advertising to a general lack of an online presence. Therefore, Claim For Disrepair were keen to drive volume and efficiency in a highly competitive market.


Claim For Disrepair were keen to work with an agency who had a proven formula for generating high volume, low cost leads. The Good Marketer were appointed due to our full service offering and our extensive knowledge across the Facebook & Google Advertising platforms

To address the challenges we identified, we focused on analysing, researching and planning how to best target a niche audience from their interests/behaviours to their demographics. Alongside this process, we implemented a series of A/B tests which allowed us to test our theories and work out what worked and what didn’t work on the Facebook Ad Platform.

These A/B tests identified that imagery played a big factor in the cost per lead. By using ‘realistic’ and ‘identifiable’ images, the adverts were more appealing which allowed the cost per lead to drop by double-digit figures.

Subsequently, as part of the brief, Claim For Disrepair were keen to remain at the forefront of their customers’ minds when they left the Facebook Platform. Therefore, we impelmented a Google PPC Campaign to capture leads during the initial research process. In a highly competitive market where the CPC (Cost-Per-Click) can be as high as £100, a high converting landing page was key.


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