Increased the volume of leads by 179% on Google

Cut the cost per conversion by 61% on Facebook

Increased conversion rate by 1.94% on Google


Name: Juvida Clinics
Location: Skipton, UK


Juvida Clinics offer various hair transplant procedures at their specialist clinics based mainly in Northern England. Dedicated to achieving natural results, Juvida uses the very best treatments, including ARTAS, the only robotic hair transplant. 

Juvida Clinics previously failed to implement a consistent marketing strategy and thus their previous campaigns were not delivering the results they wanted. 

During our initial in-depth analysis, we identified three key challenges:


In order to solidify Juvida as a brand, a consistent marketing strategy needed to be put in place to successfully achieve worthwhile results. Juvida Clinics wanted to work with an agency that could systematically provide structure to their campaigns whilst still presenting a much needed creative flair. The Good Marketer worked closely with Juvida Clinics to triumph in achieving their business goals in a flexible and transparent nature. 

To address the challenges we identified, we initially began with Google, removing the previous low-achieving campaigns and replacing them with location-targeted campaigns that were closely monitored to routinely improve performance. Furthermore, we created location-specific landing pages and implemented A/B tests which allowed us to test different structures and layouts to improve the conversion rate and deliver the highest results. 

Adjacent to Google, we turned our focus to Facebook, introducing regular new ad creative which focused on the user's pain points like price. Similarly, using the advanced Facebook targeting techniques, we were able to reach potential new customers who previously wouldn't have been on Juvida Clinics radar. Examples of successful audiences included Lookalike audiences with our most successful being a 4% - 7% range. Additionally, interest based targeting has worked particularly well for Juvida Clinics - we know that a high value item like a hair transplant is something which the audience is going to consider and research extensively so by delivering targeted ads to people in the right place, at the right time, we managed to achieve a reduction in the cost per conversion by 61% whilst increasing the volume of leads by 26.1%.

As an agency, we believe in doing more than that of which is simply assigned. We go above and beyond to deliver the very best results for our clients - assisting them in other areas, such as website development, PR and photography.


Since working with Juvida Clinics, we have:

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